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GHG Audit and Carbon Strategy

Companies in some sectors will need to meet regulatory emission reduction targets. In the face of increasingly stringent carbon constraint, emissions management has become a competitive challenge. A well thought-out, coordinated policy is a relatively minor investment in view of the potential gains (energy savings, optimized industrial processes, anticipated regulation, communication, extra-financial rating). For forward-looking companies, these changes are an opportunity.

There are also opportunities for companies that are efficient and effective leaders in reducing GHGs. These companies can cash in on their superior performance by selling emissions "credits" (emission reductions that have been achieved in excess of the amount required by regulation or voluntary trading schemes) to companies that have temporarily been unable to meet their emissions reduction targets.

Kent & Sørensen offers a global solution to develop an open-ended carbon strategy in line with your financial performance objectives (cost reduction on high-emissions sources: energy, shipping, travel; industrial processes) and environmental requirements (emission reduction plan, "carbon-neutral" labeling).

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