Kent & Sørensen

CDM Advisory Services

Kent & Sørensen supports project sponsors throughout the entire project development cycle by providing the following services:

  • Baseline identification.
    The baseline is the scenario that reasonably represents GHG emissions that would occur in the absence of the proposed project activity (business as usual situation). Baseline assessment is therefore the most crucial element of the project conception
  • Additionality demonstration.
    Project activity is additional if GHG emissions are reduced below those that would have occurred in the business as usual scenario.
  • Project Design Document (PDD) elaboration
    The purpose of the Project Design Document (PDD) is to demonstrate that the project activity results in measurable and verifiable greenhouse gas (GHG) emission reductions. To ensure the project's validation and registration, Kent & Sørensen follows a step by step approach that complies with the specific CDM/JI requirements.
  • Monitoring plan.
    The measurement and analysis of GHG emissions from a project within its boundary to determine the volume of emission reductions that are attributable to the project.
  • Negotiation with the host country's Designated National Authority (DNA)
    Kent & Sørensen helps project developers to fulfill host countries requirements with a pre-screen assessment and negotiate the Letter of Approval (LoA) issuance.
  • Validation and Registration
    The purpose of the validation is to have an independent third party assess the PDD in accordance with the relevant UNFCCC and host country criteria. Kent & Sørensen will select an work with the appropriate DOE to ensure that the registration requirements are all met.
  • Construction & Implementation
    Kent & Sørensen offers capacity building services for private and public sector entities in developing countries and economies in transition as knowledge transfer is vital to successfully implement a CDM project.
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