Kent & Sørensen

CDM Project Development - Partnership - Finance

Kent & Sørensen is willing, as a project partner, to assume project risks in the implementation and operation of CDM projects. We offer you our expertise, cooperation and support in the entire CDM complex process, from preparing a PDD to the issuance of certificates. We invite you to submit your project proposals to us, which will be competently and quickly assessed by us.

Kent & Sørensen aims at different types of CDM projects, regardless of region in the Americas. Some areas that are eligible include:

  • Alternative Energy
    Solar energy, wind, biomass and geothermal energy projects
  • Forestry
    Afforestation and reforestation, opening of new conservation areas, opening of plantations with afforestation plan, long term usage of wood
  • Agribusiness
    Cultivation of Bio-Fuels, capturing and flaring of the methane output in swine and dairy farms
  • Energy efficiency
    Improvements for using less energy to provide the same or even better level of energy service.
  • Transportation
    Replacement of old vehicle fleets and upgrading public transport equipment with low CO2 output
  • Waste management
    Implementation of gas collection and combustion systems at landfills, separate collection and utilization of biomass
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